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Resolve to Get the Right Resolution

It’s always a good idea to include a photo and/or graphic(s) in printed materials. But that picture can only tell a thousand words if it’s crisp and clear. And in printing, clarity comes down to resolution.

First, a few terms:

• Digital images are measured in pixels (short for “picture element”). The greater the number of pixels, the more detailed the image will be.

• Resolution describes how many pixels are in an image.

• PPI (pixels per inch) describes how densely those pixels are distributed based on the height and width of the image.

Now, some numbers to keep in mind:

• 72 ppi: A low-resolution (low-res) image, ideal for e-mailed pictures, website images or Power Point.

• 150 ppi: Medium-res, good for printing an image on an inkjet or laser printer.

• 300 ppi or higher: High-res, best for printing pictures on a printing press. Keep in mind that resolution diminishes as images are enlarged. And the source of the image you want to use (Internet, stock photo company, your own digital camera, etc.) affects the resolution and suitability of the image for printing reproduction.
Our staff is glad to talk with you about the images you’d like to incorporate into your next printing project. We’ll help solve any fuzziness issues and make sure you end up with beautifully sharp images, every time.

Excerpt from our March 2009 Newsletter find here: