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Click the above graphic to view our special offer for your custom calendar.

What a wonderful way to successfully promote your business or organization for 366 days during 2012. In many cases, that's advertising costing only a penny a day per calendar impression. No other type of advertising available is that cost effective during these challenging economic times.

Calendars have long been a favorite advertising tool for the business world because they are effective. Many organizations have learned that calendars can also promote causes while raising necessary funds for important projects.

Here are some top reasons that calendar advertising is successfully used by top companies and organizations:

  • LONG LIFE - Repetitive viewing of the advertiser's message, day after day, for a full year - and sometimes longer. (Many calendars are saved even after they're outdated, as a record of personal appointments and memos.)

  • LOW COST - Usually just a few cents per week, for constant, daily advertising exposure

  • CONTROLLED CIRCULATION - No waste, because calendars are distributed only to key customers and prospects, those who can or should do business with the advertiser. Every dollar invested is directed toward the exact market that needs to be reached.

  • KEY PLACEMENT - At work, at home, in the community, where buying decisions are made. The calendar becomes a "silent salesperson," working full-time, even when the advertiser cannot be there in person...saying "thanks" for yesterday's business and inviting future sales.

  • UTILITY - Needed universally for scheduling, appointments and date reference. Surveys tell us that 98% of all homes and 100% of all businesses use at least one calendar. They are a daily necessity.

  • PERSONAL CONTACT - Welcomed advertising, received as a gift, can carry individual messages in addition to advertising. Sixty-five percent of all calendar users write appointments or reminders on their calendar, for personal involvement every day.

  • HIGH PERCEIVED VALUE - Homes and offices that do not receive complementary calendars will more than likely purchase them from retail stores at costs averaging $9.95 or more.

  • CONTINUITY - Calendar users get "locked in" to using the advertiser's calendar, and will often even ask for a replacement as the new year approaches. Imagine what a great situation that is for your customer - being asked for his or her advertising!